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Georgia Highway Fatalities June 2013

This morning as I was driving to my office, I saw a highway display sign with a message that in 2013 there have been 538 fatalies.  As I continued to drive, I starting thinking about that statistic.  (Okay, I like math, always have - always will).  So, since today is June 27th, that means that 178 days have already passed this year.  538 divided by 178 days = 3 people per day have died on Georgia Highways.  I find this statistic alarming. 

Now, if you have ever driven in Atlanta traffic, this statistic may not come as a surprise to you. We all know that we should not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  We all know that we should not text and drive.  We all know that we should not speed.  We all know that we should limit distractions while driving.  Why do I know that we know this?  We all passed a written and driving test in order to get our license!!!

Why is it that once we get the license some forget the lessons that they learned.  Please slow down and don't speed.  Please don't drive under the influence, Please pay attention while you are driving.  Please don't text and drive.  It only takes a second to forever change someone else's life or your own.

In the grand scheme of things it just isn't worth the risk.  Please don't be a statistic for 2013.


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