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They're watching

They're watching everything.  On a recent impromptu trip to Florida, I tried to make a purchase, but the card was declined.  It was actually my debit card.  Fortunately for me I had some cash with me.  I assumed it was a faulty connection or the Bank of America server was down.  Surely there had to be an explanation.  I knew exactly how much money I had in my account.  I unlike to many others, actually balances my check account every month.

Later that day, I was stunned to find an email stating that Bank of America had suspended my account because of suspicious activity.  Of course, this happens on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  While I appreciate the watchful eye to protect me, it was more than a little disturbing that I didn't receive a phone call asking if I was making the purchases.  

So, as soon as the bank opened on Tuesday, I was there to get the whole situation sorted out.  As it turns out, the exact same thing happened to a friend while he was traveling to California.  

During my conversation with the customer service rep at Bank of America, she suggested when you know you are going to be traveling, call the bank in advance so they can mark the account accordingly.  I am just glad I wasn't more than 500 miles from home.  Had I been overseas, I would have been extremely annoyed.

I know that sharing this experience with everyone, will prevent someone else from the same frustration.


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