Loans By Kathy: April 2012

A Hugely Successful Day

Everyone has their own definition of success.  This past week, for me it was two closings for two first time home buyers.  kathy sheehan mortgage

Each transaction was slightly different.  The first was a short sale where we waiting for 8 weeks for the bank to approve the short sale.  Once we had approval, it was 19 days to closing!  The compliments at the closing table were overwhelming.  The second was an FHA purchase with some repair issues that included potential lead base paint and consequently we encountered a few delays.  Even with the delays, everyone had smiles on their face as they left the attorney's office.


There are two more happy homeowners tonight and I am so very excited for both of them.



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A Hugely Successful Day
Everyone has their own definition of success. This past week, for me it was two closings for two first time home buyers. Each transaction was slightly different. The first was a short sale where we waiting for 8 weeks for the bank to… more
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