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Another Great Thing About Gmail!!

I very much appreciated this information from Melissa as I have recently gone to a Gmail account.  I was sure that someone else would find the information helpful.


Another great thing about Gmail!!

Do you find yourself typing the same emails over and over again? If you are like me sometime down the road I wrote some and saved them, whether in Word, Google Docs,etc...
Melissa McKinney
But then you still have to go get them cut and paste them into your email! That's better then retyping them but something caught my eye today... It has probably been there all along but like so many other things it is right under our noses but we don't see it!!

Right above where we type our messages there is a little line that says “canned response” so I clicked on it and it gives you a few options, save, insert or delete.  

Light bulb came on!!

So I went to retrieve one of my “canned responses” and brought it into my Gmail and pasted it into the body of the email and then I clicked “canned response” again and this time I clicked “new canned response” under the “save” option.  I named it what I wanted to and clicked out of that window.
Went back to compose mail and clicked “canned response” again and this time in the drop down menu was my response, clicked on it and in a instant it was in the body and ready to go!!

Love it when the “light bulb” comes on!!



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Another Great Thing About Gmail!!
I very much appreciated this information from Melissa as I have recently gone to a Gmail account. I was sure that someone else would find the information helpful. Another great thing about Gmail!! Do you find yourself typing the same emails… more
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