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USDA, It’s Not Just For Grading Meat…

USDA, is not just for grading meat.  In fact, through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) there is a 100% financing program for owner occupied residential property.    Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 100% financing program! 


Now, not every home buyer will qualify for this loan program, and not every property is eligible either.  The eligibility is determined county by county and based on the population.  The maximum household income limits are also determined by county.

Here are some other specifics that you will find helpful:

·        the borrower may borrow up to 100% of the appraised value

·        there are no limits on seller concessions

·        property must conform to HUD standards

·        the borrower must personally occupy the home on a permanent basis

·        the borrower cannot own and adequate dwelling within the local commuting distance

·        manufactured homes on a rented sites are not acceptable

·        borrower cannot be delinquent on any federal debt

Here is the website: RD Home Loans 


For more information, please give me a call.



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