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Are you afraid to speak in public?

Are you afraid to speak in public?  A large group or even a small group can bring on an anxiety attack for some people.  It has been reported that people that have a fear of speaking in front of a group would rather walk into a burning building!  Personally, I would rather not get that close to a fire! Kathy Sheehan

For me, I actually overcame any fear of public speaking at a fairly early age.  I was President of our local council's Explorer Association.  (The Explorer program is the high school group of the Boy Scouts of America, yes I was a Boy Scout!)  Every year, it was expected that the President of the Association made a presentation to the annual awards luncheon.  I was nervous when I learned that there would be 100 people in attendance. 

So I worked for weeks with my coach.  I wrote and re-wrote the speech and practiced over and over again.  I have remembered the lessons I learned all those years ago.  When addressing a group, the greatest success will come with proper preparation.  Identify three key points you wish to make.  Stay focused on them, remember your audience. Too much information and you run the risk of losing their attention, not enough content just seems like a waste of time.

I should mention, my coach pulled a fast one.  When I walked into the room, it was obvious that there were going to be more than 100 people.  The room was set with tables of 10.  I saw more than 10 tables.... it was closer to 40!  Yes, it was a room of 400!  In the end, it didn't matter.  I was prepared and focused.  I also am happy to say, I am not afraid to speak in public.


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Are you afraid to speak in public?
Are you afraid to speak in public? A large group or even a small group can bring on an anxiety attack for some people. It has been reported that people that have a fear of speaking in front of a group would rather walk into a burning building!.. more
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