Loans By Kathy: December 2011

The Value Of A Hand Written Letter

I agree with Amanda that a personal note on a card, or a personal note have a huge impact with your clients and customers.  We all depend on email and other technology to get our jobs done, but it always those thank you notes from my clients that make the biggest impression.

I would incorporate hand written notes into your business plan, if it isn't already there!

In the age of emails, IM’s, Facebook and Twitter hand written letters are considered “old school” but, I find they still have a great deal of value. This year in particular I had a lot of positive feedback from the notes I wrote in all my Christmas cards to clients. I started working on them in October and wrote a personal note in every single one. My most recent call was from a client I sold a house to 3 years ago. She called to tell me how important my note made her feel and that it really meant a lot for me to send it.


Email is great and I couldn’t run my business without it but, there are certain times that a hand written letter means so much more. It’s the thought that goes into it that leaves a lasting impact. I still hand write all my thank you notes after Christmas, write notes in birthday cards and occasionally I send a card just to let someone know I’m thinking of them (my Mom loves these).


Sometimes a back to basics approach means the most. I will continue to hand write notes to all my clients. I’m not talking one or two sentences either – a thoughtful note to let them know they’re appreciated.

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The Value Of A Hand Written Letter
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